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Freedoms Foundation Medal of Honor Gala 2016 

Location: Horsham Corporate Office Parking Lot 
Season:  October 2014 


We are proud to be able to partner with our friends at Firstrust Bank for all kinds of functions ~ from simple gourmet CEO breakfasts to themed parties for over 200 delighted employees. 


We were given the challenge to create an Oktoberfest featuring authentic German food. Andy and Marie Louise created a delicious menu for the night that featured Schnitzel with tomato and cheese sauce, bratwurst, knockwurst and sauerkraut, homemade spatzele, red cabbage, German Potato salad and bacon almond green beans finished off with homemade apple strudel, mini German Chocolate and Black Forest Cakes and Mandelbrot. 


Centerpieces were created by Marie Louise and were fashioned to look like a glass mug filled with golden German beer topped with a foaming head of pure white carnations. 


It was a great fall evening! 











 Firstrust Bank ~ Oktoberfest 

 Kevin Bacon and Lance Armstrong!

We are proud to partner with many local organizations to support their fund raising efforts and truly, one of our favorite partners is the Colonial Theatre in our hometown of Phoenixville.  


We have been their caterer of choice at their annual fall fund raiser featuring hometown hero and award winning actor, Kevin Bacon. It is always a pleasure to not only cook for his private party before the show, but also to provide guests with delicious appetizers. 


Valley Forge Catering Company also provides an annual scrumptious feast for guests of the Colonial Theatre's Oscar part, as well.


In 2011, our area was honored to have the riders from the Lance Armstrong Foundation pedal thru and as such, the bikers and supporters enjoyed a brief stay at the Freedoms Foundation. We catered his party and fed everyone a wonderful meal! 





Whether you are looking for a catered lunch for 50 or an over-the-top holiday extravaganza, our team can work with you to create the perfect event. We can bring the magic to you - inside or outside of your location - parking lot, tent, corporate lunchroom, we can walk you through the entire process of procuring everything you will need. Tents, tables, chairs, decorations, flowers, DJ and more. We have great connections. 

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