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 Meet our team 

A dynamo in the catering and restaurant industry, Andy has been a foodie since he was old enough to wash dishes at the former White Bear Inn in Birdsboro, PA. With almost 40 years experience, (including hundreds of weddings) both as a partner in the former Ludwigs' Gourmet Catering for 14 years and as the former general manager of the beloved Inn at Yellow Springs in Chester Springs, PA,  Andy is an expert on weddings.  Not only does he head up the kitchen, he also has a keen talent for organization, budgeting and staff management and his calm and patient demeanor keep events flowing to perfection from start to finish. His creative edge and willingness to step outside the typical planning box are key to his success and to your customized event. 

Andy Ludwig 


With decades of experience as a restaurant manager, kitchen manager, head waiter and sous chef, Michael Fisher brings his eye for attention to detail and impeccable service to the team. Gloriously persnickety, Michael is the one who makes sure that every glass is polished and every detail from the dining area to the staff attire is 110% perfect. He runs a tight ship, commands only the best from his staff and always keeps his eye on the prize - and that is pure satisfaction from our clients. 

Michael Fisher 


Born to bake, Marie Louise Ludwig (Andy's wife) has a passion for lovin' from the oven and she's pretty good at it, given that she has coveted some of the top recipe contest prizes in the country including a brand new car, trips to Europe and, most recently, the title of "Mrs. Holiday" for "Taste of Home" magazine. Her creative snowglobe cake won her the title and $50,000! Also a lifelong foodie, Marie Louise brings 25 years experience to the business in restaurant management, professional baking and for the past 22 years as a kitchen expert on air at QVC. She knows her way up and down in the kitchen and her creative flair adds a special touch to our events. 

Marie Louise Ludwig


Renee Lee Fisher 


Renee Lee Fisher - (Michael's wife) brings over 20 years of experience in the business world as a leader in the industries of marketing, sales, contracts, leases and services. Her direct involvement with the public for many years has made her an expert in the areas of customer service, organization and problem solving. She also has a keen eye for design and a great palette for menu selections. In addition to the business side of life, Renee is also a USA Today best selling contemporary romance author who has published an entire line of books and a Priestess who has performed countless numbers of marriage ceremonies in the past 10 years.  This included the beach wedding of Marie Louise & Andy in 2010. 

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